Monday, July 26, 2010

Tell Me About Your Mother....

"Isn't it incredible to observe just how tentative we have become about this task of raising children? Parenting is hardly a new technology... [Y]et we've become increasingly nervous about bringing up the baby. It is a sign of the times."
"Mothers, especially, have been blamed for everything that can conceivably go wrong with children. Even when their love and commitment are incalculable, the experts accuse them of making grievous errors in toilet training, disciplining, feeding, medicating, and educating their youngsters. They are either overpossessive or undernurturing. Their approach is either harsh or permissive. One psychiatrist even wrote an entire book on the dangers of religious training, blaming parents for scaring kids with talk of the next world. Thus, no matter how diligently Mom approaches her parenting responsibilities, she is likely to be accused of twising and warping her children."
"...The task of procreation was never intended to be so burdensome. Of course it is demanding. And children are challenging, to be sure. But the guilt and self-doubt that often encumber the parenting responsibility are not part of the divine plan. Throughout the Scriptures, the raising of children is presented as a wonderful blessing from God- a welcome, joyful experience. And today, it remains one of the greatest privileges in life to bring a baby into the world to love and care for. What a wonderful opportunity it is to teach these little ones to revere God with all their hearts and to serve others throughout their lives."

-Dr. James Dobson, "The Wonderful World of Boys"

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