Monday, February 27, 2012

A Word Problem

You receive a coupon in the mail from Babies 'R Us - Toys 'R Us that gives you 20% off any one regular-priced baby item. The fine print on the back states:

What can you buy with the coupon?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Flame Resistant

Can somebody explain to me why I should be concerned about my children catching on fire while they sleep?
Since my son was a baby, I have observed that children's pajamas advertise their fabric as being Flame Resistant. If they are irresponsible enough to craft pajamas out of fabric that can catch fire, they warn parents that the pajamas should be worn "snug fitting". This is code for: "Wear pajamas as a second layer of skin, and good luck ever getting your child's limbs in the sleeves, and too bad their tummy is already showing in their brand new pajamas." To avoid this, pajamas must be purchased three sizes too large- if you can sleep at night due to such negligence... But what if my child catches on fire in the night, because they aren't wearing snug fitting pajamas?
I do not want my children to catch fire while they sleep, but I do have a few questions regarding this code:
1. Why are my children going to catch fire while they sleep?
2. Play clothes do not come with such warnings. Is the risk of my children catching fire greater while they sleep than when they are awake?
3. If there is a fire in the night, do snug fitting pajamas = a greater chance of survival?
4. Why aren't my pajamas Flame Resistant? Should they be "snug fitting" also?
5. Have these efforts actually reduced deaths caused by a fire?
6. Am I alone in pondering these thoughts?
7. Can somebody enlighten me?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Paper Doll

While there are many obvious advantages that come with asking my husband to watch the kids while I step out, one of my favorites is, upon my return, discovering what he has dressed our baby in. While I keep a mental note of which clothes go well together, are in the dryer, or are outgrown, this is not always as clear to my husband. I don't him expect to keep track of where every item of clothing is, and I recognize that things should be put away when they are no longer wearable- but it still makes for a fun game to play!

"Wow, I would have never thought to pair that top with sweatpants..."
"Where on earth did he find those socks that she outgrew 6 months ago?"
"I wondered if she still fits into that onesie. Nope."
"Good thing girls can get away with cropped pants."

Monday, February 13, 2012

Dayton's Legs

Here is an inspiring video that will give you goose bumps- and possibly a tear or two. What an amazing 13 year-old.