Thursday, August 19, 2010

Some Things Just Aren't Meant To Be...

I intended for the week before school starts to be a nice, relaxing week sprinkled with a few fun outings to give summer break one final hurrah. Instead, in the first 3 days:
  • I managed to loose my son's most beloved blanket and stuffed animal at church. The blanket would be irreplaceable, and I learned through some online research that my son's stuffed animal has become a collector's item sold for around $50... making it irreplaceable as well. Both items were thankfully found 3 days later.
  • My son's lingering cough, which has been interrupting his sleep (and mine) for far too long, developed into a sinus infection- requiring a trip to the doctor and the pharmacy.
Mix that in with a church meeting, a haircut and a routine doctor's appointment for me, my son's school's orientation, and no time to clean the clutter left in our wake, and the week started off feeling anything but relaxing. Such is life, I suppose.

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