Tuesday, January 11, 2011

"Hairs of Care"

For the past 6 weeks, I have been shedding like a dog. No, make that 6 dogs. This is a postpartum reaction that also occurred with my firstborn. I have lost so much hair, in fact, that my hairline has thinned significantly. And while it's not pretty, what I look forward to most is in 5 months the regrowth looking like I am a victim of an I-Think-I'll-Cut-My-Own-Bangs tragedy.
As I was blowdrying my hair today, I was thinking about "Locks of Love", and determining that I would probably never grow my hair to the length required to cut off 10" and still be satisfied with the what was left. And then I was struck with inspiration!
If I were to collect all of the hair that is scattered throughout my house (from the bathroom floor after I've blowdried, to the shower wall, to my hairbrush, to my baby's fists, to every single hair that I find clinging to my sleeves throughout the day) and organized, combed, and shampooed it... I'm pretty confident I would be able to donate enough hair for a wig within a week. I could call it: "Hairs of Care"!
This new purpose in my life will most certainly replace my feelings of panic with pride, the next time I pull out a handful of hair in the shower.


  1. i can totally relate right now!

  2. I'm sending you my vacuum bag. There's gotta be a treasure trove of hair in there!