Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

"To women in all walks of life, may I suggest that you bring to fruition the very best that is within you. This cruel world needs the touch of your love and your comfort and your strength. This harsh environment we live in needs your quiet, encouraging voice, the beauty which is your nature, the spirt of charity which is your inheritance. The God of heaven has endowed his daughters with a unique and wonderful capacity to reach out to those in distress, to bring comfort and succor, to bind up the wounds and heal the aching heart.
"Women for the most part will find their greatest fulfillment, their greatest happiness in home and family. God planted within women something divine that expresses itself in quiet strength, in refinement, in peace, in goodness, in virtue, in truth, in love. And all of these remarkable qualities find their truest and most satisfying expression in motherhood.
"... God bless you, mothers! When all the victories and defeats of men's efforts are tallied, when the dust of life's battles begins to settle, when all for which we labor so hard in this world of conquest fades before our eyes, you will be there, you must be there, as the strength for a new generation, the ever-improving onward movement of the race. Its quality will depend on you."

-Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley, "Motherhood: A Heritage of Faith"

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