Tuesday, August 21, 2012


My son has never liked peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. His disdain for this childhood staple led to some head scratching on my part when packing his lunchbox for school, as tuna fish and egg salad are also on his 'no' list. Many days, I sent him to school with just a plain jelly or plain peanut butter sandwich...and I secretly felt guilty for feeding my son second-rate sandwiches. And then over the summer for no apparent reason, my son unexpectedly gained a taste for peanut butter AND jelly. He would happily eat one and even two PB&J's for lunch. I was delighted! I could pack my son's lunchbox with pride!
Our jelly jar was running low, so I decided to buy the squeezable kind. I figured that would make it much easier (and less messy) to add the jelly. No more spoon handle getting all sticky. Well, Monday afternoon I opened his lunchbox to discover a whole sandwich and most of his lunch untouched. He wasn't feeling so great, so I chalked it up to his sour tummy. Tuesday, was more of the same. I asked my son about the sandwich, and he made some offhand remark about the jelly looking strange. Apparently, squeezable jelly does not look the same as jar jelly when it is smashed between two pieces of bread. Who knew? I assured him that if he gave it a taste, he would find that it tastes just fine.
I needed to go to the grocery store, so I brought my son along to help me pick out some lunch foods he would eat. As we walked through the entrance, my son asked, "At lunch time, when my friend and I look between my bread slices, do you know what we say?" "What?" "Peanut butter and NASTY!" 
We are now the proud owners of a new jar of jelly.


  1. Hilarious! This makes me want to buy the squeezable jelly just to see if it really looks so different.

  2. That's hilarious that every sandwich is up for scrutiny. Never send him with soup since every ingredient will be spooned up individually and analyzed.