Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween Recap

After two Trunk or Treats, a Halloween Party, and a costume parade I certainly felt like we had given Halloween it's share of celebration. But, we finished it out with a final Trick or Treating "Hurrah" last night. After bedtime, my husband and I remarked on how many Halloweens/costumes my son already has under his belt, which was a sobering realization. This year my daughter was old enough to actually understand the experience, and this morning asked where the Trick or Treating had gone.

  • Our annual dinner of wild monster feet (not farm raised)
  • My daughter being spooked by a trick or treater's witch mask and telling me it was scary. When the witch passed us with her mask off, she garnered the courage to proclaim, "I don't like you."  Better be careful who you cross...
  • My daughter eventually claimed her independence and asked me to wait for her and my son at the street, instead of walking her up to each door.
  • I then got to watch my son step up and take care of her at each door, even carrying her heavy bucket for her. My heart swelled.
  • While I made the rounds with the kids, hubbie handed out our treats. I received this text, "I love watching the adults pulling the wagon [full of kids] in one hand and a beer in the other." I got to tell him about the people sitting in their driveway handing out candy while drinking wine. As non-drinkers, it's always interesting to see how different our lives are without booze.

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