Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Holy Interest Rates, Batman!

Our son has been pretending to be super heroes for some time now. Superman, Batman, Mr. Incredible, and Dash are all frequent visitors to our home. About two weeks ago though, a new hero became part of our lives.
While visiting a friend's house, my son and his friends disappeared into the confines of their bedroom and reemerged as super heroes, lining up and announcing their superhero names. We were puzzled by the identity our son assumed that day. While his friends took on names such as, "Awesome Bat" and "Mr. Two Brains", our son proudly announced that he would be known as... "Clark Howard".

My husband and I frequently consult Clark Howard's website for his opinions on financial matters, but we were astonished that our son would pick up on the wisdom that saving money, remaining debt free, and investing smartly could "save the world". We accepted it as it was. After all, we figured Clark Howard was as good a role model as any for our son.
Finally, after two weeks of "Clark Howard" fighting evil in our home, we had a breakthrough. Yesterday, as our son once again announced his identity, I understood everything. Proudly wearing his Superman cape I realized that he meant "Clark Kent". Before I could stop myself, I made the correction.
We don't see Clark Howard around anymore. But we will treasure the short time he was a part of our lives. I mean, he had some really good advice on Roth IRA's.

****Here are some articles I thought you might find interesting. The first is an open letter sent to Congress from 19 healthcare organizations around the country. The second is an article
published in the Chicago Tribune by Denis Cortese (Mayo's CEO) and Jeffrey Korsmo (executive director of the Mayo Clinic Health Policy Center). It explains how a Medicare like plan would make quality health care unavailable to people (hospitals already lose money on Medicare patients), emphasizes the need for a system based on quality care- rather than quantity, and sites a bill that would reform the current Medicare system entitled the Medicare Payment Improvement Act.****

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