Friday, September 24, 2010

Design Friday: Womb Chair

In honor of my current state, I chose to highlight the Womb Chair for today's Design Friday (yes, an actual Design Friday!).

picture from

The womb chair was designed in 1948 by Finnish designer Eero Saarinen (I highlighted the incredible Eero before in this post). Saarinen was challenged by Florence Knoll to create a chair she could "curl up in", and this chair was his response. The chair was designed to encourage a relaxed sitting position providing emotional support and a sense of security- hence the "womb" name. This chair exemplifies Saarinen's ability to challenge rules and set new standards for modern design. It is considered to be iconic representaion of mid-century Scandinavian organic modernism.

(Funny, my womb looks just like this chair in the ultrasounds!).

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