Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A Penny Saved

Over the last few days, I've had conversations with friends about correcting cashiers for being overcharged a few dolllars. In all of these conversations, they have expressed bashfulness about bothering someone about a measley $2. If you are inclined to feel that way, I will tell you why you shouldn't be apologetic. One word: Target.

The other day I needed to make an exchange at Target, as I had received a gift that happened to have a defect in it. Because I did not have a gift receipt, the customer service girl explained to me that since the product had been on sale at some point in the last 90 days, but was now selling at full price, I would need to pay the $2 difference. An even exchange was not an option. I went round and round with her. I made it clear that I did not want money in return, I wanted to trade my item for the exact same product, only without the defect. It did not matter. Her computer would not allow her to make an even exchange without a receipt. I should have talked to a manager, but I relented. I ended up paying $2 to make an exchange. My bitter feelings toward Target and their lame-o return/exchange policies that have laid dormant since my wedding have been renewed.

As I walked through the store I realized that there is no reason for us as customers to be apologetic for bothering cashiers about a $2 overcharge mistake. Sure, it's only a couple of bucks, but $2 is important to stores and they certainly do not apologize for taking it. Why should we? A penny saved is a penny earned.

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