Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A House of Order.... Please!

The other day, our darling, baby daughter was having a rotten day. There was much crying and little sleeping on her behalf. These bouts of crying are particularly frustrating on our son because he 1.) hates loud noises, and 2.) feels helpless in making it stop. In an attempt to create understanding, my husband explained to my son that our daughter needed to get into a routine. This was something my son could work with! A few minutes later, my son presented to us his draft of our baby's new routine:

7:05- Wake up
7:06- Eat
7:07- Nap
7:08- Eat
7:09- Nap again
7:10- Eat again
8:01- Nap for 9 minutes
8:02- Eat
8:03- Calm down time
8:04- Nap
8:05- Calm down time
8:06- Eat
8:07- Calm down
8:08- Nap
8:09- Calm down
9:01- Eat
9:02- Go to sleep

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