Tuesday, March 1, 2011

My "Soap" Opera

In 2006, our apartment lost power for four days- twice. Once, during extremely hot weather, and once during extremely cold weather. Minutes after we lost power, my impulse was to clean. The desire to vacuum, do laundry, and clean has never been stronger. Of course, I was frustrated to find that most of the cleaning I wanted to do required electricity. After the second power outage, when the weather woman forecasted a strong front coming our way... I vacuumed and did laundry to prepare. (No, I don't know how that helps in an emergency).

When I had my baby girl, and I was on a rigid feeding schedule that allowed little sleep, my desire to vacuum, do laundry, and clean has never been stronger. Of course, I tried to rest like I knew I should, when I had the time, but the tumult drove me crazy. I looked forward to having the free time to keep the house in order.

Currently, I am not subject to any natural disasters, my baby sleeps through the night and takes two good naps during the day. My desire to clean seems to be MIA. What's the deal?!

It seems I want to clean the most when it is least obtainable. Will Circumstance and Wanting-To-Clean ever be united in sparkly bliss?
To be continued...


  1. SHE'S SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT?! Holy cow! What an angel!

    This reminds me of finals week. Why was it that when we should have been studying for tests we were practicing the piano, having Free Cell/Solitaire marathons, rewatching old movies, and yes, cleaning the apartment with great fervor?

  2. Are you suggesting that procrastination is not a new development in my personality???
    Those were the days....

  3. The compulsion to clean without need is OCD I think. Be careful what you wish for.