Monday, May 16, 2011

A Child's Perspective

The perspective of a child is so refreshing. Here are two comments my son made within days of each other, that prove how much they adore even our simplest efforts. If only we could see ourselves more often through the eyes of a child:

"I'm going to draw a tree like my teacher. [draws a simple tree] She says she doesn't draw very good, but that's not true. She draws beautiful."

My husband took my son with him early to church one day for choir practice (I was home with a sick baby). The choir happened to be singing many of the Easter songs from the Primary Songbook, so my son joined my husband in practice. The new choir director (who also happens to be the Primary music leader) told the group that she was not a very good musician, and would be happy to take suggestions on song arrangements. My son turned to my husband and said, "She lies. She's a great musician."


  1. Aw. Those were really sweet stories.

  2. Did she lose all credibility in his eyes with her "lies"?