Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Grave Hath No Victory

Yesterday, my son and I captured a katydid in a jar. The word "capture" really doesn't accurately describe our effort, as the poor thing had a broken leg and didn't put up a fight at all. We threw some grass in the jar, and put it on our counter top. All evening long it moved in slow motion, if it moved at all. Before my son went to bed, I prepared my son for the inevitable. His bug would probably be dead in the morning. I almost threw it out in the yard last night, but I decided I would let my son oversee its burial services. I mindlessly widened the air holes in the plastic cover and went to bed.
After my son left for school this morning, I checked on our little dead bug. This is what I found:

That would be a picture of an empty jar. Which means, somewhere in our house is a fugitive katydid- most likely laying eggs, my husband considerately suggested before he left for work. How can a humongous, bright green, gimpy katydid disappear without a trace in a little house? I can't wait to see where it turns up... or when the infestation will begin.

* It was probably crawling on us in our sleep, per this Onion article that my brother sent me a few weeks ago. (I wouldn't read it if you're sensitive to talk of earwigs...)

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  1. Why do I feel as though that footnote is directed at me?

    A katydid on the loose? *shudder*