Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Oh, Christmas Tree

Last Saturday we put up and lighted our Christmas tree. I should say, my husband lighted the Christmas tree. I tried to hold my tongue in critiquing his work. Lighting the Christmas tree is one duty we both expected the other to handle after we got married. It's a debate that still continues each year. But, honestly, does it really make sense for the short person to light the tree? This is one task that a tall person can not relegate. But I digress...

Nothing makes your home feel more like Christmas than a Christmas tree. I love it. And as you can imagine, my baby girl was elated by this curious new object in our living room. On Monday we put on the ornaments. When we were done, I swear I heard her say, "Game on." Now, a large part of my day is spent keeping her from chewing on the cord and batting at ornaments.

Not seen: my baby is actually behind this tree.
Only 11 more days of this cruel game... 


  1. You both are made for the duties of the tree. Your husband lights it and you water it.

    On a serious note. We covered electic burns in the pediatric class and the corners of the mouth are what often get burned. When it heals it often limits the opening of the mouth. So watch your little one.

  2. Why do I imagine a little gnome carrying a watering can?
    Thanks for the heads up about the cord.