Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Stocking Story

The first Christmas that my husband and I were married, I decided to sew our stockings. This would be my first sewing project flying solo without the aid of my mom (i.e. hovering over her shoulder while she sewed for me). I bought my fabric, cut out my pattern, and started. It was a beast! I constantly ran into problems, my techniques were amateurish, and my fabric was way too thick to easily fit under the sewing foot- we're talking about 6-8 layers of velvet and batting here, folks (a combination of ignorance and insanity). Due to blood pressure concerns, I abandoned the project.
Two Christmases later, and with a little more experience under my belt, I finished one of the stockings (the other was honorably discharged) and sewed two more with thinner/easier fabric. Mistakes were made along the way, but they were completed in a week or two.
This year, I had need for a new stocking. I am proud to say that this stocking was completed in two nights (and with 4 days to spare till Christmas Eve)! I am quite proud of myself. While others could probably have completed it in a few hours, I have obviously set a new personal best. It is truly a Christmas miracle.

(Obviously, I got a little carried away with my son's stocking- the one exploding with Christmas joy- but he loves it still the same. I plan on redoing that one and my original Deluxe stocking sometime in the future.)

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