Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Family History

Between finding old photos at my Grandma's house, a General Conference talk, a Relief Society goal, a Stake goal, and two T.V. shows, I have really been feeling a push for doing family history work. I have not yet delved into researching and finding deceased ancestors, but I have dabbled in organzing information from resources that are living (I figure my posterity will thank me for saving them the headache). It's a venture that has waxed and waned with time, as I have found that once I get going on a project, it can be all-consuming.

If you are having trouble getting excited about family history work (and its relevance in your life) here are two shows that will get you excited:

And if you have enthusiasm, but need direction:
  • "That Happened to You?" is an article from the August, 2003 Ensign that gives great questions for interviewing living relatives.

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