Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Thomas Kinkade

As many know, Thomas Kinkade, "The Painter of Light", passed away over the weekend. Many are familiar with his work, as it has been wildly popular and wildly marketed. Because of this success, it may come as a surprise to some to learn that his work has not been well received by the art establishment who, simply put, view it as unoriginal kitsch with a sketchy printing/sales approach. (As a sidenote, the discussion of whether or not his work is considered 'kitsch' is best not held in an actual Thomas Kinkade gallery, which I may or may not be guilty of). Every person has their own taste, which I respect, but as a matter of education, I have linked to a few articles to help explain exactly why his work was so controversial:

"Kinkade: Artist Drew Many Fans, Few Critical Raves" (Associated Press)
"Thomas Kinkade's Polarizing Legacy" (The Washington Post)
"Art for Everybody" by Susan Orlean (The New Yorker)

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  1. That's right Gina. I, like you, like my artists starving and conflicted.