Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Normandy Beach

It's amazing to think that this was once the of view soldiers defending an evil regime, and waiting to stop the work of freedom.

It's amazing to think that this serene beach was once hell on earth, with the sounds of gunfire, bombs, and wails of dieing men filling the air.

It's amazing to think that this was once the view of what seemed an impossible victory, and that this sand once held the 
footprints and bodies of soldiers... not tourists.

It's amazing to consider the young men willing to sacrifice their lives in defense of Freedom.

"We've been so fortunate by the accident of birth to be Americans. And having had that great fortune, our primary duty is to make sure that this country survives [and its freedoms]. That ought to be the primary objective of every American every day of the rest of their life."
- 'Medal of Honor' recipient
(I wish I could tell you his name. He was in a documentary playing at the Hazy Air and Space Museum last year, that had the stories of multiple Medal of Honor recipients)

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