Monday, January 7, 2013

Christmas 2012 Recap

Christmas break ended last week and we are officially back into the routine of "real" life. Now that my daughter is older, I was happy to find the break much more relaxing. It was so fun to reintroduce our Christmas traditions to her more mature self. She loved the music, was curiously disturbed by hanging ornaments on the tree, loved all the lights ("ites!") on the houses, and she was especially fun to watch Christmas morning as she learned all about opening presents. My son eminated Christmas joy all month long. He just soaks it all up. He especially enjoyed his annual visit from Joey (Santa's elf), who brought a friend for my daughter this year.

I found myself busier than I had hoped during the first week of my son's break. As I stood in line in a store one day with my kids (who were wearied by errand running) I made a mental note to myself to have my preparations done before my son's school break- and hey, here's a novel idea, maybe even start preparing for Christmas during November! If I can do that, I am hoping it will leave more time to just relax and enjoy the season together.

One night, at the end of my son's first week of break, I began to feel some real mommy guilt for having not even broken out a single craft or treat to do with my kids yet. It was truly unbearable, so I hurried and scoured Pinterest for ideas, then emptied my craft bin onto the table. With a few official projects in mind, the next morning we crafted. I was happy to give my kids some time with "fun mom", and my son cutely declared how much he loves crafts. A smile and a pat-on-the back for me, with a tinge of guilt that we had not done crafts earlier. Here are is a sampling of their work:

Our new Christmas presents have slowly been absorbed from our family room into our home, and Friday night we officially un-Christmased our house. The tree is on the curb (which sight always makes me feel like a thief who has stripped it of it's rainment, wounded it, and departed leaving it half dead) and the decorations are back in the garage. It's been sad to see the season come to an end. 

But, not to worry! That void in my life has been filled with something equally as magical and anxiety laden. Potty training! To be continued...


  1. Oh my goodness! You're seriously potty training?! Oh how I loathe potty training. Good luck (to you both!)!

    P.S. I loved the Christmas crafts. Brooke is a total crafter and thrives on projects.

  2. Thanks. We'll need it!