Monday, February 25, 2013


This is something I would have formerly saved for a "Design Friday". But let's be honest, while "Design Friday" was never officially retired, anyone who has followed this blog for any length of time knows that died when my daughter was born. My free time for research was replaced with other, more important, tasks.... like nursing, cuddling, and showering. That was some time ago, but it always takes me a while to find my feet again after big adjustments, and lately I feel like things that have laid dormant for a time may be starting to show signs of budding again. At any rate, the consistency of "Design Friday" will probably not be returning for some time, but maybe I can fit in something here and there.

Last month I read an interesting article in Smithsonian Magazine, "The Story About Banksy". My knowledge of art history has waned since I graduated from college, and it was refreshing to update myself. Here is a slideshow of the works featured in the article.

In short, Banksy is a British street artist know for his stencil style graffiti art. He keeps his identity concealed- partly to raise public curiosity, partly because "he has issues with the cops". His works have a satirical twist, often highlighting social or political tensions. His works have been found throughout London, and other places like San Francisco, Paris, and even a wall on the West Bank in Israel. I have no idea how he accomplishes his work without being caught- some of them seem pretty involved. Much of his art is done for free, and it seems he also has gallery showings. His works are sold for high prices in auction houses. In fact, just after I read the Smithsonian article I came across a headline at an online news source I was perusing, "Wall with Banksy street art vanishes in London, appears in Miami auction house... ". I was so pleased to be in the know.

From what I've seen of his work I find his style to be appealing, and his anonimity and prankster humor kind of fun. I'm sure we have our differences in opinion, but I do find some of his works thought provoking. I also find an irony in his success and notoriety coming from an industry that he mocks. It is the strange line that all artists seem to walk. Success and not selling out.

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