Monday, February 11, 2013

The Miracle of Human Flight

Our return trip from Montana was less than ideal. Our connecting flight in Salt Lake City was delayed, which would ultimately cause us to miss our connecting flight in Atlanta. There was no room for us on the flights out of Atlanta later that evening, so we would possibly be spending the night there. Luckily, our airline booked us on a flight connecting through JFK. When we made it to JFK, we learned that our connecting flight home was also delayed. So, we hung out in the airport for 4 hours kicking the breeze. A lame way to visit NYC. Our silver linings were: 1.) we had no children to pacify or entertain, 2.) our airline had given us $50 in vouchers to spend in the airport, so now our kids have NYC souvenirs from our trip to Montana, 3.) our airline also bumped us to first class for our flight home, and 4.) there is a Cafe Rio in the Salt Lake airport.

Finally, we boarded our flight ready for a First Class ride home. I was crestfallen to discover that the couple in front of us had a child riding on their lap- and this child was tired and having a difficult time. After a full day of travel, my visions of sleeping in peace were shattered, and I began to grumble inside... children should not be allowed in First Class. It's kind of surprising how quickly the First Class feeling of entitlement takes effect. I had been riding coach the whole trip, and all of a sudden I was better than everyone. I quickly remembered that I have two children of my own (one who was no picnic the last time we flew), and told myself that I need to knock it off. It took some effort, but I was able to replace my irritation with compassion. We made it home without incident, although much later than we had planned.

But, to keep a good perspective and sense of humor about it all, here's Louis C.K. on how "Everything is Amazing Right Now and Nobody's Happy". Hilarious and so true. (sidenote: this is the only work of his I'm familiar with, so I can't say I recommend his work as a whole):

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