Friday, March 15, 2013

Guess Who?

When my husband and I were coming home from Montana and waiting for our plane in NYC, we invented a game to pass the time. We would find people in the terminal who reminded us of someone, only with a feature that was completely wrong.  For example, "Your dad only with thick, grey, hair," or "Your dad with a beard and an Amish hat." This game continued after we got home. One of my husband's co-workers gave us symphony tickets they could not use. During the intermission we picked up our game again: "Your brother with a beard, playing the viola," or "Paul Ryan playing the bass." The fun of the game is agreeing or disagreeing over the person's likeness. And then laughing when it's spot on. I suppose it's a game I've always played in my head, so it's fun to involve someone now. On a side note, I find lots of people who look like Sam the Eagle. Now, I bet you will too.

Yesterday, a solicitor selling a product that can clean "anything" paid a visit to our home. As I came out of the house he exclaimed, "Why, nobody told me Mariah Carey is living here!" I immediately blew the compliment off as a desperate sales ploy to win my favor, and ultimately did not buy his product that cleans "anything". But, I found the compliment amusing, and it caused me to ponder... on what planet am I the likeness of Mariah Carey? I am white. I can't belt notes too high for people to hear. I have not had enhancements. I don't wear tiny dresses. And my house is the size of her shoe closet (just thought I'd throw that in for fun. But it's true.).

It wasn't until later, when I told my husband about this ridiculous comparison that he pointed out the truth... I had been a victim of our own game. This guy's got it all wrong though. You can't just make comparisons willy-nilly or that takes the fun out of the whole game. Or maybe that's another game altogether...

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