Monday, March 11, 2013

Watch Your Back

Happy Daylight Savings. As my son said this morning as he groggily got out of bed to get ready for school, "Daylight Savings is stupid." These time changes, and air travel, always confuse me in a half-glass-empty sort of way. Did we lose an hour because we skipped an hour, or did we gain an hour because we moved forward on the clock? This is a debate my husband and I have every 6 months. But I digress...

Recently, my husband subbed for my son's Sunday school class. As part of an object lesson, he brought a baseball card of one of my son's favorite players. In the car after church, my son asked to look at the card. He studied it for a minute, and then said:

My Son: "This is a really cool card. I think one day it will be mine."
Me: (to self: Surely he can't mean how that sounds) "What do you mean?"
My Son: "You know, when he passes?"
Me: (to self: Yep, that's what he meant.)

It seems my son is already calculating his inheritance. My husband is now under strict surveillance.

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