Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Sparkling Home

My daughter just received a Disney princess costume for her birthday. The tag includes the following warning:

"CAUTION: During handling and play this garment may release particles of glitter."

Now, I am new to the princess/glitter arena, but my observation is that this disclaimer is a tad on the weak and misleading side. In my experience, the following warning would be more accurate:

"CAUTION: During handling and play this garment WILL release particles of glitter. In fact, glitter will rain constantly from this garment during handling, play, and at rest. Glitter will cover every surface, nook, cranny, crease, and crevice of your home- including the bodies of anyone living therein- whether or not they have come in contact with this garment. You will find glitter in places we can not mention. Furthermore, please understand that glitter will shed from this garment for an indefinite amount of time. Once introduced into your home, glitter will resist all cleaning efforts. A locked and sealed room is not safe from glitter. There is no escaping the glitter. The glitter has won."

I'm guessing they had to shorten the warning for cost?

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