Thursday, December 5, 2013

Pilgrim Pilgrimage

Like I said, we were recently out of town for Thanksgiving. We went to Utah to visit lots of family which was lots of fun. But, as all trips to Utah are for us, it was exhausting. The time change alone sets us up for that. I didn't realize how exhausting the trip was until I was running errands yesterday and actually felt glad to be running errands. Here is our trip in a nutshell:

  • Day 1-  Flight out. My husband graciously takes the kids so I can sit alone. Heaven for 2 minutes. Two drunk men sit next to me and proceed to: attempt to flirt with me (my husband has never been less threatened), color with crayons bummed from the kids in front of us, accuse passengers seated around us of passing gas, and solicit my advice concerning one's fertility woes. I found myself actually pining for kid duty. Everyone complains about crying children on planes, but no one talks about the drunks. I decided I'd take a crying baby over two drunk men any day. I changed seats when the guy next to me spilled his ice on me.
  • Day 2- Swim at rec center. Baby blessing.
  • Day 3- Son and Husband are sick with stomach bug. Quarantined from relatives.
  • Day 4- Son and Husband well. Daughter comes down with stomach bug in middle of the night. Lots of laundry. I stay with her while she is quarantined from relatives. Take a much needed nap with her. I go to bed that night dreading my number is next for the stomach bug.
  • Day 5- I sleep all night. No stomach bug! It feels like Christmas morning when I wake up. We are now free to proceed with our plans. Visit more family all day.
  • Day 6- Meet friend for lunch. Cram in shopping. Visit BYU with kids and reminisce about our carefree days (why didn't we appreciate those days more?). MOA exhibit. Cram in shopping.
  • Day 7- Tour of MTC by in-laws.
  • Day 8- Trip to Trader Joe's for Joe-Joes so as not to burden family or friends with my habit- er- tradition. Walk around Temple Square. Flight home. My daughter refuses to wear seat belt. I make her. 30 minute crazy tantrum. Nothing will calm her down. Reconsider which is worse on a plane- a crying child or 2 drunk adults.
Lots of fun. Lots of craziness. Not good sleep = Family bond forged by fire!


  1. I wish I had heard your drunk men stories when we got together! For what it's worth, day 6 was definitely my favorite day of your vacation. Thanks for making the effort to get together. I love catching up with you!

  2. Oh man! That flight sounds awful:/ but as always you manage to find the hilarity of the situation. Love you!

  3. Rebecca-
    I can't believe I forgot to tell you. I feel like we talked about everything possible! I was so happy we got to meet up.

    I knew it had the potential to be hilarious in retrospect! ;)