Wednesday, April 23, 2014

For Sale:

3 bedroom 2 bathroom home. Has been filled with lots of love, laughter, tears, and silliness*. Many important life lessons taught and learned. Perfect home for a young family to learn the ropes of home ownership/repair. One child and a dog have been added.

Entry hall suitable for basketball or bowling. Expect an annual visit by a lost turtle from a nearby pond scratching at the front door. Dining room has experienced innumerable dinner conversations, homework assignments, and craft projects- eventually completed. Updated kitchen has seen its share of casseroles, Cincinnati Chili, tacos, pulled pork, and chocolate chip cookies. Family room great for hosting birthday parties, Family Home Evenings, movie nights, games, piano practice, and dancing to the "demo" button on the keyboard. Spacious Master Bedroom ideal for discussing important decisions and problems... and other marital stuff. 2nd Bedroom perfect for designing and displaying Lego creations, reading, looming bracelets, and athletic dreams. 3rd Bedroom can be converted from sewing room to baby's room when your prayers are finally answered. Has seen many sleepless nights. Currently used for role playing cooking and baby care, reading, and playing with princesses. Both bedrooms have harbored personal growth as well as growth spurts. 2 car garage provides extra storage and will allow husband to work on projects- usually completed- including 2 Pinewood Derby cars. Most importantly, it will protect you from the rain when you get home. This will never go unappreciated. Lawn has been expertly maintained and is the source of much pride. Spacious, fenced backyard provides clear view of beautiful orange, purple, and pink sunsets. Perfect for playing catch, batting practice, hours of swinging/sliding, and housebreaking a puppy. Beautiful laurel oak provides generous shade and beckons for children to climb. Adequate dirt for digging and making "pies". Yard contains (2) square foot garden boxes when you attempt to grow a vegetable garden- can be converted to a butterfly garden.

Quiet street with friendly neighbors. In the evening, enjoy soft breezes and beautiful starry skies, frequent calls of Canadian geese flying overhead, the faint sound of cheering from the neighboring soccer park, and if you're lucky, a whippoorwill.

* Individual circumstances will influence your experience in this home.

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  1. Gina, it sounds beautiful! We just got your Christmas card, but sadly I sent yours to your old address. I do hope you are all well and happy where you are now!
    Sarah Page