Thursday, February 19, 2015

Small Towns and Business

After life in the suburbs with multiple big box stores and several malls within a 5-20 minute drive, moving to the country has been quite a change. While some chain stores do exist, online shopping is wonderful, and some items just have to wait for a trip to a bigger city... I still had to learn what businesses or resources where available for more immediate needs. This is a definite learning experience. People always talk about the slow pace of European towns. I have found the same attitude that exists there is alive and well here in America.

  • Businesses do not have websites and some don't answer their phone or have answering machines. Plan on going in person.
  • Businesses may close for lunch
  • Post office closes at 4:30
  • Some businesses may close early for the day- but return if you call
  • Business hours close at 6:00 (one local restaurant closes when their food runs out).
  • Business days may vary
  • Some inventory has been on the shelf for years

But the one adjustment that did not take long to get used to? Customer service. 

You will be helped, there is much more flexibility, you will be chatted with, and a store owner will do what they can to solve your problem. My local hardware store has won my heart, because it is staffed with knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful people who know how to answer my questions. When I pulled up at closing time and they were locking up the store, they even offered to run in and get me what I needed. You won't find that at your local big box store!

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  1. Sounds similar to iowa city! As far as weird hours and great customer service go. The service was so refreshing! We did have a target 15 mins away though so I can't take credit for completely roughing it;)