Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Our family made it to "C". "B" was a rocky road that I won't force you to relive with me, but we survived! We've been settling into "C" for a few months now, and my transition shock finally seems to be thawing enough to blog. 

"C" happens to be a very small town that I would never in a million years imagine myself raising a family. This is definitely a new chapter for us. I'm not sure how long this chapter will be, but it's been an interesting change in scenery and I am finding new and funny things about my surroundings every day. I've also found beauty in a place I once branded hopelessly ugly. Or maybe my standards of beauty are lower? 

At any rate, this is a chapter of making the most and finding the best in the circumstances we've been given. Which I suppose has been our goal wherever we've lived, but this time it's accompanied with some cultural adjustments: We are City Mice learning to be Country Mice. Big Fish in a Small Pond. Mormons in the Bible Belt. This has already proved to be a fun combination.

I know who we were when we arrived. I'm just not sure who we'll be when we leave. Should be a fun journey!


  1. Excellent condensing of a long, but interesting story!
    It is a wonderful life!

  2. Happy Birthday, Country Girl!