Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Circus Act

There are times in my life as a mother in which I feel like I am taking part in a circus act. In fact, when I find myself in particularly ridiculous circumstances, circus music plays in my head. Try it some time. It really helps you feel in character and have a sense of humor about things.
A few days ago, in an effort to encourage performance, I asked my son if he would like to participate in the upcoming church talent show. He excitedly jumped on board, and after I was able to convince him to sing a song instead of show his "fighting", we were good to go. He was confident as could be.
The talent show was last night. What was supposed to be a cute little number with my son dressed in a raincoat and galoshes singing a song about the weather, became a tug-o-war between myself and my son. Literally. He introduced himself, and then stood frozen. [cue the circus music]. I tried to help him, and then he was overcome by the most impish version of himself and stood with his hands on his hips staring at me and stuck out his tongue- an offense that would normally get him in big trouble, were we not on exhibition for our whole church (I don't know, maybe everyone would have enjoyed a demonstration of my disciplining techniques. I'll consider it for next year). He would push me away, and then ask me to help, and then push me away, etc. Finally, he sang the song into my neck and we were done.
I understood that he was having stage fright, but had I known that we were going in the clown direction, I would have worn a costume. I'm considering carrying a red nose and a wig in my purse for these wonderful impromptu moments. Maybe people would even tip us.


  1. Oh man, that's rough! I'm proud of you though!!! Those are the great memories that Josh will remember forever! In 20 years, he'll be saying how awesome his mom was because she encouraged him to share his talents even when he was afraid...and this will be one of his first memories.

    haha...i love the circus music. i'll be sure to be hearing it very soon...

  2. When you realized he wasn't going to sing you should have switched to the fighting.

  3. Angela-
    What an optimistic look at things. Thanks! By the way, the circus music works for everyday challenges too. Spills, diaper fiascos, etc.

    Good call.