Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Why Is My Job So Important?

"But for all of the children of God, this life is primarily a probationary existence designed to prepare them for the eternal roles of husband and father, wife and mother.
"If we are to be true to our eternal covenants, we ourselves must believe that the highest of roles, patterned after the highest of heavenly roles, are those of father and mother. Latter-day prophets have taught that there are important, unchangeable differences between men and women. Parents, by aspiring too much outside the home or through too much self-focused achievement, risk teaching their children that the roles of father and mother are not very desirable- or less so than the attainment of material goods, the honors of men, or even educational diplomas."

- "A Parent's Guide", The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 1985

(By the way, "A Parent's Guide" is a really neat resource. It gives advice on how to teach children throughout the different stages of their life- including topics like sexuality and puberty- with a Gospel perspective. It's only $4 at the Distribution Center)

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