Monday, November 16, 2009

A Farewell to Garbage

As a mother, I find that I often have to make hard decisions and stick to them... sometimes with only seconds to think through said decision.
Last week, I had two confrontations with my son that have made me second guess my parenting standards: 1.) I did not allow him to retrieve an elastic string leftover from a candy bracelet from the depths of the kitchen garbage can, and 2.) While helping clean his room, I made him throw away a leftover stick from a sucker. In both cases, my son grieved great sorrow, wept great tears, and in the former case exclaimed in despair, "I can't stop thinking about the string!"

I didn't think I was being unreasonable at the time, but now I'm wondering... could I be a a heartless mom for making my son throw away garbage?


  1. Be strong. Garbage is garbage regardless of the value that a 5 year old places on it. The sooner he can learn this lesson, the more likely he will be able to function in society without holding on to every piece of garbage he collects over his lifetime.

  2. Sounds like the beginnings of OCD Hoarding. Better nip that in the bud. You should've given him something else to think about, like his legos meeting the same fate if he keeps crying.

  3. Doug-
    Unlike his mother?

    Good threat. I should have used that last night when he had to part with a lemon rind.