Monday, November 9, 2009

Style Tip I Learned From America's Next Top Model

I must clarify, that I am not a regular viewer of America's Next Top Model. I must admit though, that I have watched pieces of a few episodes while channel surfing. Ever searching for ways to improve my wardrobe, here is some style advice I learned during an elimination scene (these scenes seem to be a prime opportunity for Tyra and her fellow judges to critique the clothes the contestants are wearing).

I learned that wearing a belt over a sweater dress is NOT good fashion. It's all about vertical lines, girl! If you dare commit this fashion faux pas, Tyra will demand that you remove the belt from your being immediately.

Wearing a hairnet and ridiculously puffy sleeves, on the other hand, IS good fashion (see the judge on far left).

You can thank me for enlightening you on this matter later.


  1. Now you tell me!

  2. I learned from fat teenagers out here that short shorts and Ugs are fashionable.