Thursday, February 11, 2010

Bride as Frankenstein

Spring is just around the corner (in theory), so for all of you who are planning a wedding, know someone planning a wedding, or have ever planned a wedding, here is a Dave Barry column that we thoroughly enjoyed at the time we were planning for our Special Day.

Was your special day RUINED, RUINED, RUINED ins some way?

** I just noticed my previous post. I'm really not going for a wedding theme here.**


  1. When we got to the ballroom for our reception, I saw my cake for the first time. It had three tiers and each tier was held up by little columns. There were flowers in between the tiers.

    I told the florist I wanted the flowers positioned so that the columns holding up the tiers weren't showing.

    Can you guess what she did? She let some of the columns show. What nerve. She ruined my whole wedding. I haven't talked to her since that day and I probably never will.

    (All kidding aside, I could have been really bugged on my wedding day that we had the biggest snowstorm in decades or that my photographer didn't make it to the temple because he got in a car accident on the way up, but all of that kind of just added to the excitement of the day for me. I kind of liked the adventure of braving the elements to get married. However, I was sad some people couldn't make it to our reception...)

  2. Rebecca-
    Your snowstorm definitely made for adventure and memories! Some people nearly died making it to your wedding, and were sad they couldn't make it to your reception too. If only they had planned ahead and rented a snowplow... or a dogsled team...