Friday, February 5, 2010

Design Friday: Emphasis

Emphasis is my emphasis today. (haha). Emphasis is an enhancement that produces a point of interest or a focal point in a design... the "anchor" for the eye and room. When you walk into a room, there should be a natural focal point for the eye to be drawn to first. Many rooms have natural focal points such as fireplaces or a window. A room can even have a few focal points- to carry the eye's interest around the room- but there is usually a dominant one. If your room does not have a natural focal point, you can create a focal point by painting an accent wall, arranging furniture facing a desired focal point, or showcasing something great.
.The large window and chandelier act as this room's natural focal points (notice how the fireplace goes understated). Photo from April 2009 "Architectural Digest".

This room's focal points are the fireplace and windows. Photo from May 2009 "Architectural Digest".

In a bedroom, the bed wall serves as a natural focal point. Photo from March 2009 "Architectural Digest".

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