Saturday, February 27, 2010

Snails Gone Wrong


Some time ago, my son received a small "ecosystem" aquarium for his birthday that contained 2 frogs, a bamboo plant (for oxygen), and a small snail (for cleaning). Soon after receiving this gift, it became evident that the snail was MIA. We had never actually seen the snail, so we figured it was a dud. The store replaced it no problem. After 2 days on the job, the new snail was MIA. It became clear to us that the frogs were eating the janitors.

So, our frogs lived without a snail for some time until the walls of the tank became murky with algae. A few days ago I decided it was time to get another snail. My son and I went to a pet store and picked out a snail large enough to resist the attacks of the frogs. He quickly made himself at home and I was pleased to see him moving around taking care of business. My only problem with him, was that he kind of grossed me out. In the morning I had to consciously not look at him, or I instantly lost my appetite (a new trendy diet plan, perhaps?).

(You can see one of the black frogs on the left)

This morning, was a morning not to be forgotten. Not only was the nasty snail residing in the tank, but a present had been left on the lid. Eggs (dry heave). Horrified and disgusted, I immediately ran screaming through our house (I apparently still need work), and remained under the covers of our bed for a few minutes, while I came to terms with the fact that our snail (a she... or a he-she... I'm not sure about snails) had not only made itself at home, but had spent all night laying eggs! This was unacceptable behavior.

Needless to say, my wonderful husband is cleaning the tank today, and the snail will again be MIA when it's all over.

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