Friday, May 14, 2010

A Fun Encounter

Weather permitting, Design Friday will be back next week...

(A rule of thumb that my roommate and I learned in college, is that public transportation will never cease to enrich your life with interesting conversations. I only wish she could have been with me in New York.)

While riding home one evening, my party and I (a total of 5) sat at one end of the subway car in a seating area that held 6 (3 seats facing 3 seats). My son was busy using a pole as a jungle gym, so I sat back with my aching feet propped up on my husband's lap.
All of a sudden, a little 60 year old woman moved from her seat on the opposite end of the car, by-passed many open seats along the way, parked herself at my side, and curtly exclaimed, "Too much air conditioning. This isn't your living room." Startled, I sat up and moved over to make room for her (the resemblance of a subway car to my living room is uncanny!) and she sat down heaping her bag in my lap.
All conversation ceased with this new seating arrangement, and we all sat in intimate silence looking at each other. Luckily, she was prepared with some ice breakers, and the duration of our journey was filled with her quizzing us with random questions that we failed miserably... but which we enjoyed thoroughly. Here are a few of my favorite snippets:

Lady: [out of nowhere] "So, are you from Florida?"
Me: "Why do you ask?"
Lady: "Oh, I'm just an old lady. Don't bother me."

Lady: "Where's a good place to live in Florida without a car?"
Me: "Are you planning on moving?"
Lady: [irritated] "I don't have any money."
Lady: "Where's a good place to live in Florida without a car?"
Me: [thinking] "Ummmm..."
My Husband: "I don't know... Miami?"
Lady: [scoffs and rolls her eyes]
Me: "Maybe, Tampa?"

Lady: "Where do you live?"
Mother-in-law: "Queens."
Lady: "It's changed, hasn't it?"
Mother-in-law: "Yea."
Lady: "How?"

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  1. Oh, I wish I could have been with you, too. Three cheers for public transportation!