Thursday, October 28, 2010

'T' is For...

The homework assignment was to draw five things that begin with the letter 'T'. Apparently, I have need to discuss with my son what he wants to draw (and what is appropriate to draw for a school assignment) before he commits his ideas to paper.

This kid cracks me up. Sometimes, all I can do is shake my head.


  1. I love it. So funny.

    P.S. Thanks for bringing up Squaw Peak AND the Den of Iniquity all in one comment on my blog. Made my day.

  2. This is most fabulous. During our registration for G's surgery on Thursday, I mentioned that Nate would be joining us shortly. The registrar asked what he looked like and Grace piped up that she and he were very alike, but it was "not appropriate to mention why." When we were out of earshot I asked what she ment and she said, "Y'know, I F*A*R*T just like him!" I've been trying to get the family to just use the polite word (like your fabulous son) T*O*O*T !!

    ps I also love the illustration for Trip - not a vacation at all