Monday, October 1, 2012

Elder and Sister Holland

Last school year, I listened to several interviews of church leaders on the Mormon Channel during lunch time or my daughter's nap. They are in a series titled "Conversations" and found under the Radio Series menu. They are really inspiring and a neat way to get to hear our leaders talk in a more personal/informal way about their lives and challenges. It's refreshing to be reminded of the fact that our leaders are not perfect and have not had perfect or easy lives. But, they do have amazing faith and commitment. I listened to and highly recommend: Ep.1- Elder and Sister Bednar, Ep. 15- Sister Beck & daughters, Ep. 16- Elder and Sister Costa, Ep. 22- Elder and Sister Holland.

The other day, I reacquainted myself with the interview of Elder Holland and Patricia Holland conducted by Sheri Dew,
Episode 22. They each have given talks that rank at the top of my "favorites", and I find them to be such inspiring and dynamic people. I loved listening to how they raised their family (particularly Patricia's strength) and the faith it took for them to fulfill their various callings. For my reference, and yours, here is a summary of the interview. Tomorrow I will post a few of my favorite quotes.

Minutes 1-32
  • Discuss son being recently called as President of UVU 
  • Raising children at BYU when working as BYU President 
  • BYU football 1984 
  • Building the Jerusalem Center 
  • Juggling demands of BYU President/Jerusalem Center/Raising young family/Sis. Holland serving as General Young Women counselor 
  • How they've made their marriage work
Minutes 32-59
  • Childhoods and what impacted their development
  • What forges a strong marriage/ Early challenges in their marriage
  • Witnessing the attack on womanhood, motherhood, and home
  • Elder Holland's message of not giving up, faith, and hope 
Minutes 59-90
  • What it means to be ordained an Apostle
  • What they've learned living internationally
  • Reorganizing the Bahrain Stake
  • One thing each wants the audience to know about the other
  • Testimonies of the Gospel

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