Monday, October 29, 2012

Setting a Precedent

"...[J]ust after the Supreme Court's decision forbidding Bible reading in the schools [and six months after ruling that prayer in school was unconstitutional], President McKay said:
'Recent rulings of the Supreme Court would have all reference to a Creator eliminated from our public schools and public offices...
'Evidently the Supreme Court misinterprets the true meaning of the First Amendment, and are now leading a Christian nation down the road to atheism.'
"Decades later it is evident that President McKay had prophetic vision in warning of the pernicious effects of these two Supreme Court opinions. ...In fact, under the influence of these decisions and their progeny, the public schools have become (1) proponents of atheism, or (2) hostile to religion, or (3) at least indifferent to religion.
"...Exercising prophetic vision President McKay saw that the school prayer case- which I reasoned to be defensible and probably even essential as a ruling on the facts before the Court- would set in motion a chain of legal and public and educational actions that would cause religion to be separated from education and lead to the current hostility toward religion that threatens religious liberty in our society. For me that was a powerful learning experience on the folly of trying to understand prophetic vision in terms of worldly wisdom."

-Dallin H. Oaks, "Life's Lessons Learned"

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