Monday, January 27, 2014


Even though I do nothing whatsoever to grow my blog, I still find my stats fascinating. I check them out every now and then and wonder who has been reading my blog in say... Indonesia, Russia, Israel, or the Ukraine, to name a few. My little brother, Mr. Google Expert Extraordinaire, bluntly suggested that most of my traffic is probably accidental- which I must concede. But deep down I still like to think I have worldwide audience and that my posts are being intelligently discussed over a dinner table of vienerschnitzel or pita bread.

What I find most amusing about my stats are the "Search Keywords" that people are putting in search engines and leading them to my blog. Specifically, I have been surprised to find there seems to be a high interest in Amish people and adoption as those keywords are regular entries. It seems this post is hitting high on their google searches- and probably disappointing them. I don't know how this post will affect things... 

Here are some of my favorite keyword entries:
  • amish adoption for free
  • amish adopting babies 
  • adopt amish
  • how to meet President Uchtdorf
  • amish and adoption 
  • where do amish adopt babies

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