Thursday, January 21, 2010

True Colors?

They say that moments of great crisis are the time you can judge a person's true character. If that's the case, I have reason to be concerned.
I have always felt confident that if I could survive growing up with brothers, I would be able to handle an intruder or attacker no problem, or that I would swiftly come to the rescue of another being assailed.
But, twice within the last week my husband has come home at an unexpected time and both times I was so startled by the door opening unexpectedly that I gasped/whimpered pathetically and froze in a cowering position while my heart nearly leaped from my body.
In addition, I remembered my reaction when a mouse came running out from under the refrigerator of our old apartment. I am not a squeamish girl, but before I knew what had happened, I found myself standing on one foot atop a kitchen chair while the mouse ran by me. As if- as my brother later pointed out- the mouse was seeking out my ankles to attack them.
Anyway, I've been reviewing these experiences and was disappointed in my lack of valor. I'm hoping to refine my instincts and presence of mind from that of defensive to offensive in surprising situations. My husband better watch out, or he just might find himself karate chopped in the neck the next time he comes home early!

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