Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Truth Inspired by Fiction??

Over the last year, news of millionaires willing their fortunes to their pets has increased. These headlines always cause the majority of people to shake their heads in disgust and ask themselves, "Who are these people and where do they get these ludicrous ideas? Willing their money to a pet. Crazy."

But, when you think about it, it does have a familiar ring to it.... doesn't it? Yes, the plot does seem oddly familiar- only a little bit jazzier. Can anyone say, "AristoCats"??? It seems to me that this 1970 Disney hit/"classic" just might be to blame for inspiring the seeming trend in pets becoming independently wealthy. It's not so cute in real life, is it? (I'm willing to bet there was a butler that mysteriously arrived in Timbuktu in a trunk via airmail after each of these stories broke, too.) If this trend continues, we'll all be singing "Ev'ry body Wants to Be a Cat".

And don't be shocked if one day people start using their dogs as nannies.

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