Thursday, June 10, 2010

Walls of Steel

If you are pregnant, have ever been pregnant, or have ever been around pregnant women, you are probably familiar with what are known as Kegel exercises (the strangest exercise yet known to man -er- woman). According to "What to Expect When You are Expecting" these exercises are critical in preparation for delivery and postpartum recovery, and 25 reps should be performed during various times in a day. According to one expert I know, a woman's level of commitment to these exercises will determine the level of incontinence in her golden years.
For those who find their dedication to Kegels lacking, and grow bored/distracted after, say, the 4th repetition, I have discovered a solution. After your baby has grown to a large enough size to put pressure on your bladder, simply catch a cold that involves frequent, heavy, coughing. Not only will you be forced to practice your Kegels... but you will also gain insight as to what it might be like to be incontinent in your golden years.

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