Thursday, June 3, 2010

Paranormal Activity

For the past few years, a ghost has haunted our family (I say family, because it seems to follow us when we move). As a child this would have frightened me to no end, but I am tolerating it surprisingly well. I have not seen or heard the ghost, but I am sure we have one. The evidence largely comes from our kitchen, and only occurs during the evening hours. Here's a typical example of our ghost's activity: I will be in the kitchen and leave the room for some reason. When I return, cupboard doors will be wide open. In some cases, I have closed the doors, left the room, and returned to find them open again. Spooky, huh? Perhaps one day I will discover the cause of our ghost's unrest. Is he searching for a beloved glass or a long, lost, plate? Is there something I need to know about the Ziploc bags? I may never know.

Does your home experience paranormal activity?


  1. Oh, the stories I could tell:)

  2. the poll is closed for lost so i have to leave a comment. yes, i liked it but very random. but the only way they could end it, really. why was jack's dad the God figure? that was really wierd since he was such a creep in life.