Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Discerning Truth

I came across this 1972 talk by Harold B. Lee, "A Time of Decision", doing some research, and found it very enlightening. I have put a link to it, and other talks I find inspiring, on my sidebar. Here are some of my favorite points (with my own summaries):

"Today we are constantly hearing from the unenlightened and misguided, who demand what they call free agency, by which they apparently mean, as evidenced by their conduct, that they have their agency to do as they please or to exercise their own self-will to determine what is law and order, what is right and wrong, or what is honor and virtue.

"These are frightening expressions when you reflect upon what I have just quoted from the revealed word of God. A moment’s reflection will help you to see that when one sets himself up to make his own rules and presumes to know no law but his own, he is but echoing the plan of Satan, who sought to ascend to God’s throne, as it were, in being the judge of all that rules mankind and the world. There has ever been, and ever will be, a conflict between the forces of truth and error; between the forces of righteousness and the forces of evil; between the dominion of Satan and the dominion under the banner of our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ."

"Now in the exercise of the God-given right of free agency, or freedom of choice, how may one distinguish between what is truth and what is error?"
  1. The Light of Christ (conscience/"the voice of the divine within one’s own soul")
  2. The greatest weapon against false philosophies are the positive teachings of the gospel of Jesus Christ / Have faith in power of God, not the wisdom of men (1 Cor. 2:5)
  3. " your business by the voice of the people" (Mosiah 29:26) / Be active in business and political interests. The greatest danger is apathy.
  4. Vote for men who will ask, “Is it right and is it good for the country or the community?” instead of those who may merely ask, “Is it politically expedient?” / Pray for our leaders (D/C 58:22)
  5. Use eternal gospel principles to detect truth from error (Moro. 7:16-17),
"But through the lights and shadows of my life, I also have the assurance that aided by God’s holy power, doubts can be resolved into certainties, burdens can be lightened, and a literal rebirth can be realized as the nearness to my Lord and Master becomes more certain..."

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