Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Grass is Always Cleaner on the Other Side.

I think it is common knowledge that being the primary housekeeper of a home with children can be an exercise in frustration. I have spoken with many mothers who all experience the same feeling: that their trail of cleaning is followed immediately by a tornado of destruction, and that often it seems like the house looks the same, despite their best efforts. As a result, it's easy to loose the motivation to do it. I have often thought to myself how different our house would look, if everything stayed where I put it. It would look like a page out of a magazine.
And then one day I was talking with a friend who lives alone. She honestly stated that she feels no motivation to clean, as there is no one there to impress except herself, and that in a home with more people, you are forced to put things away in order to keep them from being misplaced by another. Her reason for not cleaning was the exact opposite of mine!

And then I realized.... there will always be an excuse not to clean, no matter what my circumstances. I can't blame others anymore.

I can't handle the truth!

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