Monday, October 5, 2009

A Call For Arms

Tips on how to get help with housework from husband's and children, from "Is There Life After Housework?" by Don Aslett:

1. Refuse to be the janitor for the kids' and husbands' messes. Picking up after them is bad for everyone involved. You teach irresponsibility perfectly by assuming responsibility for someone else, except those who don't know any better or can't help themselves. Insist that everyone clean up his or her own messes and premises. Don't send husband to work or children to school undisciplined.
2. Write down and post needs. When you demand or ask for help, many family members will begin to assist you. Written messages eliminate short memories and the innocent phrase "I didn't know you needed anything done."

Any other successful strategies out there?


  1. hmmm....maybe i need to read that book. either i'm on top of housework leaving me very little time for anything else, or i'm working on a "project" that forces housework to turn into a gargantuan task when the projects over. it's a vicious cycle of order and disorder. *sigh*

  2. It's the vicious cycle that we all struggle with. The book I quoted has an interesting approach to things. You might find it helpful.