Monday, October 19, 2009

Magic in the Air

A few days ago, a cold front came through bringing crisp, chilly air with it. Some magic must have blown in with it too, because I found myself actually wanting to clean (which is different then having to clean). I actually wanted to clean, and straighten, and do things I had been procrastinating. And not only did I want to, but get this, I found contentment in doing it!

When I was a young girl, I took horseback riding lessons (this was the compromise my parents and I found, when it became clear that they would not buy me a horse, no matter how many classified ads I cut out for them advertising "affordable" horses).
As I was replacing the shower curtain in my bathroom, I found myself thinking back on my riding days, and how frisky the horses would get when the weather changed. Instead of lazily grazing or standing in the shade, they would race each other around their paddocks. I would have to be extra alert during lessons to keep my horse in line (like children, they test their limits and can sense fear), and they would canter without a fight. I realized that, like the horses, this new air had put a spring in my step too.


What is it about fall weather that is so invigorating? Is it an instinct we carry to prepare for the winter? Whatever it is, I have to take advantage of this while I can. I know once winter gets here, my hibernating instinct will kick in full gear. And then my energy will be spent resisting eating baked goods... or eating them.

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  1. Bears also go on a cleaning binge before they hibernate. They know that it will be months before they can get around to it and they sure don't want to wake up to a mess.