Monday, October 12, 2009

I Think My Son is Alex Keaton

The following is a REAL conversation I had with my son one evening, after my husband called to be picked up from work:

Me: "Let's go pick up Daddy!"
My Son: "Nooooo. I want Dad to stay at work."
Me: "Why? Don't you want Daddy to come home? It's so fun when Daddy comes home!"
My Son: "I want dad to keep working and make lots of money."
Me: "Why?"
My Son: "I want Daddy to make lots of money so we can buy expensive things."
Me: [Speechless]

I promise, we have never uttered those words or any attitude like unto them. (And I'm pretty sure, by "expensive things" he means $50 Lego sets).

As my brother put it, my husband's way has been paved to become a career man. This might be the only time a child has wished that his father spend more time at work.


  1. I used to have a crush on Alex P. Keaton.

  2. Now may be a good time to teach your son about work and earning things. He already understands that money doesn't grow on trees. With jobs he can have big lego sets without being spoiled because he worked for it. He'll also learn about patience as he works toward it.

  3. Sarah-
    Who didn't?!

    Thanks for your recommendation. I have him signed up with a local temp agency. He should start on Monday.

  4. As young and impressionable as he is, I don't think you want him working at a temp agency. He might say things at church that will REALLY embarass you.